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Texmedin Design Challenge
Texmedin Design Challenge
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An experience of creativity, research and innovation for young designers between 18 and 33 living in Europe.

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The TEXMEDIN Project, in the framework of the Thematic Component "Inspiring Lab Cluster for Innovation", organizes the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge: an educational experience aimed at young fashion designers or stylists, structured as a European public contest.

The TEXMEDIN Design Challenge was conceived as an opportunity to highlight the potential of new generations of creatives and update their skills in the research and reinterpretation - in a contemporary approach - of the textile and costumes heritage of the involved Mediterranean areas.

This opportunity is dedicated to young people between 18 and 33 years of age, residing in the EU whom attend the final year of high school (Institutes of the Arts, Technical Institutes and Vocational Fashion Schools), specific textile courses, vocational fashion and design, university or university-level course or whom have already joined the job market.

To participate in the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge young creatives must produce a new fabric, garment, accessory or other item of design as a result of a contemporary reinterpretation of the contents of the TEXMEDIN Digital Library (www.texmedindigitalibrary.eu). The Library hosts a high number of samples of textiles, clothing, accessories, etc. coming from the archives of the project partners' museums: the Textile Museum of Prato (Italy), the Documentation Centre and the Textile Museum of Terrassa (Spain), the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (Greece) and Carpiformazione (Italy).

A transnational jury will select the most significant project works to be developed and implemented during the training course in the museums with the support of experts, technicians, teachers and tutors and of the involved companies. The selected applicants will enjoy the opportunity to attend the training program at one of the Inspiring Labs set-up in the five partner areas (Italy - Prato and Carpi, Spain - Terrassa, France - Lyon and Greece - Athens).

Each Inspiring Lab, while representing the needs and specificities of the territories involved, will provide young designers and stylists with the archives kept by the textile museums, ensure access to documentation centres with books and fashion magazines, internet access points to connect to the TEXMEDIN Digital Library and provide support in the development and prototyping of the project works through the training and coaching activities in integration with the local textile systems.

At the completion of the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge, the best realized project works will be selected for an exhibition at European level. The candidates will have the opportunity to create a professional book of their project works, complete of photographic documentation on prototypes and financed by the TEXMEDIN Project.
Calendar and deadlines of TEXMEDIN Design Challenge

Phase 1. Registration, presentation of works and selection
- Subscription to TEXMEDIN Design Challenge will be possible from the 15th June 2010 to the 30th September, 2010.
- The selection of participants to the five Inspiring Labs will take place by the end of September 2010.

Phase 2. Access to Inspiring Labs
- The access to the five Inspiring Labs for training, coaching and prototyping activities will take place in the time frame of about six months (October 2010 - March 2011).

Phase 3. Presentation of the TEXMEDIN Design Challenge project works:
- The final event and the exhibition will be held at the conclusion of the Inspiring Labs experience in a place to be determined, at the completion of the TEXMEDIN Project (between April and July 2011).

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